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Pest Control Form


To ensure your job takes place on the agreed date, please read the following information:
We don't treat Woodlice, Slugs, Snails, Spiders, Badgers, Bats or Bees.
Charges Charges apply for private properties.
Preparation Please make sure the areas to be treated are vacuumed and cleared of belongings and furnishings. This is not needed for rodent treatments but we will need easy access to possible infestation areas.
On the day This is an all day appointment, which can be any time from 7.45am till 4.30pm on weekdays. You need to be at the property even if the pest treatment is outside as we need to confirm that we are looking in the right place and that treatment is carried out and signed off.
After Treatment For insect, flea and beetle treatments you may not be able to enter a treatment area for up to 4 hours depending on the pest type and treatment applied. Pest Controllers may also need to arrange a follow up visit with you.
Contract Customers If you are an existing contract customer and need treatment please email to arrange treatment or if you have business query.