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Report a problem with Street Furniture

To ensure your report is completed, please read the following information:

What street furniture is the council responsible for?

Newcastle City Council is responsible for the maintenance of the following:

  • Seat
  • Bollard
  • Planters
  • Guard Rail
  • Fencing
  • Grit Bin
  • Sign Post

We are not responsible for the following: 

  • Telephone Box
  • Post Box
  • Utility Cabinet
  • Street Lights
  • Bus Shelter
  • Grit Bin
  • Pavement café furniture

Should you need to report a problem please see information below on who to contact.

If you think there is an immediate action and requires immediate attention please call 0191 2787878

Traffic Signals Traffic Signal issues can be reported using the dedicated online form.
What we do All pavements in Newcastle, including those in residential areas, are inspected at least twice per year. Pavements in busier areas such as out of town shopping areas and main transport links are inspected every 3 months. The pavements in the main shopping areas in Newcastle (the City Centre, Gosforth High Street, Chillingham Road Shops and Shields Road) are inspected every month. Street furniture is inspected during these inspections.
Our response time: We aim to inspect any reports within 10 working days, with more urgent reports being dealt with sooner.
To report a problem with a bus shelter: Please call the Clear Channel damage hotline 08007313699
To report a problem with a street light Please report all faults (lights out, wires exposed, top hanging, shading requests, column cleaning etc) direct to Enerevo. Report a fault with street lighting (External Link) Alternatively call Enerevo on 0800 0857 307. This is a free phone 24 hour number.
To report a problem with apparatus belonging to a utility company: Please contact the relevant utility company to report the problem direct to them. This includes post boxes, telephone boxes, utility cabinets etc.
To report a problem with a litter bin Please use our online form to report damage to a litter bin.
If you are reporting a full bin that needs emptying please use our online form to report an overfilled litter bin.