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MyEnvirocall - Track your Envirocall

The following services can be tracked in Envirocall:


Apply for an Assisted Bin Lift


Request a Bin Repair

Replacement Bins and Caddies

Request Removal of a Dead Animal

Request a Bulky Collection

Request Pest Control

Request Removal of Fly Tipping

Request Removal of Litter

Request Removal of Community Litter


Report Missed Bin and Assisted Lift

Report Overfilled Street Litter Bin

Report a Damaged Street Litter Bin

Report a Problem with Street Shared Bins

Report Flytippers

Report Dog Fouling for Removal

Report Drug Litter for Removal

Report Graffiti for Removal

Report a Damaged Tree

Report a Blocked Gully

Report Hazardous Waste and Spillages



Street Lights

Play Areas

Traffic Management

Pavements and Street Furniture


Shrubs and Hedges

Report a Problem in a Park

Report a Problem in an Allotment


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