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Request a Bulky Collection

Important Information

There is a 25% discount on bulky collections.

You will still see the regular prices as you go through the forms.

The 25% reduction will be applied when you check out and pay. Please follow our standard collection terms and conditions and follow the instructions below.

To ensure your request takes place, please read the following information:

Who can use this service? This service is strictly for domestic residents only. If you are shop, business, commercial premises or other enterprise and use these forms you may not be entitled to a refund.
Items All items to be collected must be listed, items booked on incorrectly will not be collected. Items that are too wet or too heavy will not be collected.
Presentation Items should be left at the most accessible point on the day of collection, usually the bin collection point. Items must be visible and easily accessible from the road eg your front drive, your back lane.
Preparation Fridges and freezers must be empty and contain no food. Sofas, armchairs and mattresses should be kept dry. Lose items should be bundled, tied, boxed or bagged accordingly. Our bulky regulations can be found here
Time Collections take place any time from 6.30 am. Do not put out items any sooner than the night before collection. We cannot give a specific time.
We don't take Car parts, oil, clinical waste, paint, double glazed units, waste from commercial/business premises. See list of items that we do collect and pricing.
Heavy Items Items such as plasterboard, tiles, bricks, marble, turf, soil, fire surrounds and stones are classed as DIY Waste. Large pieces need to be broken up and placed in blue rubble sacks. Turf must be in 1 foot rolls. Marble and slabs must be broken up and bagged in blue rubble sacks.
Unwanted Furniture The Community Furniture Service will accept items in good condition and arrange for collections from inside your property. However, as items are redistributed they may not be able to take some electrical or gas appliances due to strict Health & Safety Rules. Please phone them on 0800 917 4397 or find them on Facebook. You can also check our list of charities who may be able to assist with recycling your bulky items.
Collections Some items can only be collected on certain days so you might need to book up to 3 collection dates for mixed loads. White goods are picked up Fridays, soft seating is collected on Tuesdays. All other items are collected on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This does not change the price you pay.