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Request Removal of Dead Animal

To ensure your request takes place, please read the following information:

We do If there is a dead animal in a public place maintained by the council, you can make a request for its removal by us
Timescale We aim to remove them within 2 working days.
Dead Pets

If you are wanting to check for dead pets we may have removed you need to contact our partner Suez and provide as much detail regarding your request as possible.

When we collect dead animals they are taken to a site in Byker, which is run by Suez. They do scan deceased animals for ID chips and check any details on collars if they are present. You cannot attend this site without prior arrangement. This is for safety reasons.

Please note due to data protection rules they can only deal with the named pet owner. Please email with as much detail as possible If one of the animals was your pet you will be able to make arrangements with Suez as to next steps.

A1 Motorway

The responsibility for clearing dead animals from live traffic lanes on the A1 rests with National Highways. 

You can report an incident via their website

They do not collect dead wild animals from verges of the network unless they are household pets.