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Report a Pothole

To ensure your report is completed, please read the following information:

Potholes can be caused by the constant stress of regular traffic or by the action of water ingress which freezes beneath the road surface and expands to cause damage.

What we do We are responsible for inspecting, repairing and maintaining all public roads in Newcastle. All public roads in Newcastle are inspected on a regular basis depending on their location and useage:
  • Roads in residential areas are inspected twice per year
  • Roads in busier areas such as out of town shopping areas and main transport links are inspected every 3 months.
  • Roads in main shopping areas in Newcastle (City Centre, Gosforth High Street, Chillingham Road and Shields Road) are inspected every month.
  • The principal and classified road network is also subject to monthly driven safety inspections.
Investigatory levels We will investigate the following:
  • Potholes on the footway more than 20mm deep (except in a back lane where the investigatory level is 40mm)
  • Potholes on a pedestrian crossing more than 20mm deep
  • Potholes on the carriageway more than 40mm
  • Potholes on a cycle path more than 20mm deep
If the pothole is deeper than the levels listed above, please call 01912787878 so staff can raise this quickly with the correct teams.
Our response time We aim to inspect any reports that meet our investigatory criteria within 5 working days, with more urgent reports being dealt with sooner
Follow on work Please be aware that not all inspections will result in work being raised.
Pavements and kerbs If you want to report a problem with a pavement or kerb, please use our online forms for pavements