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Request Replacement Bins and Caddies

To ensure your request takes place, please read the following information:

Businesses and Commercial Premises This form is for individual domestic residences only. Please visit our Commercial Waste pages for details about bin provision.
Bins and Caddies If your bin or caddy is missing, badly damaged or stolen you can order a replacement.
Charges Please have a debit or credit card to hand as replacement bins are £30 each and caddies are £5 each.
Timescale Depending on the available bin stock delivery can take up to 40 days. You will get an approximate delivery date when you complete the forms.
Damaged bin or caddy If your bin has a damaged lid or damaged wheels we may be able to repair it free of charge here.
We are not able to repair caddies.                        If your bin or caddy is badly damaged you must mark or label the damaged item and leave it in an accessible place for the crews on the replacement delivery date
Multiple Bins If crews see multiple unauthorised bins on site they may not deliver your order
Back Lanes Orders for replacements in back lane areas will be delivered to the FRONT of your property, not left in the back lane. Please leave any broken items at the FRONT for swapping on the delivery date.
Labels Remember to clearly mark replacement bins and caddies with your address and keep it safe on your property.
Broken Bins Please leave any broken bins or caddies empty, visible and accessible for crews to remove when they deliver the replacement. If possible please put a note on the bin or caddy marking it for removal. Labelling your caddy helps keep it with your own bin.
Bin Size We only provide one size of bin, standard 240 litre wheeled bins with 40 litre black caddies.